Getting it right from the beginning

Being trained as an engineer has given me insight on the importance of setting the fundamental parameters of a project at the very beginning. Taking the time to thoroughly examine project needs and to understand cost implications early in the process is essential to managing risks and expectations. It is how you begin that determines the probability of success at the end. Much like a springboard diver, if the diver is slightly off at the board, they will certainly be way off at the apex of their trajectory.

Selecting the right team is fundamental to a project’s success. Professional competence is paramount, and understanding how well a team is able to adapt to change during a project is also an important consideration often overlooked. I advocate taking the time and investing the necessary resources to do this right. Launching a feasibility study to thoroughly conceptualize program, design, and costs is a great way to define the project early on.  My goal is to ensure that your project is completed successfully and that you can continue to remain true to your mission long after the project is completed.


Developing a customized Work Plan

Based on your specific needs, we develop custom Work Plans for all project team members. The level of our involvement in leading a project through the primary project phases; Define, Create, Build and Live is crafted by considering your organization’s internal capabilities and requirements. For most non-profit organizations, the board of directors and board of trustees serve a critical role in establishing a project’s direction. We understand this dynamic and embrace the need to work closely within your organizational requirements. Our goal is to create a Work Plan that will create a clear understanding of project responsibilities for all team members. Our Work Plans minimize overlap of responsibilities while maximizing productivity of the team and creating an environment that allows high-level creative thinking.