66,000 sf new addition
60,000 sf renovation
interactive theater


Managing a Project Team Through a Crisis

How does a project team recover after discovering a major structural problem during construction? Joining the team during the early stages of construction, Rotholz led a 3-year process to resolve a major structural issue leading to a successful project completion. Thermal expansion is tricky to calculate especially in a radial steel structure. A comprehensive peer review revealed structural instability in the original design. Steel that was already manufactured and enroute to the site was halted and reconfigured. Leading the team through this challenge and maintaining cooperation from all constituents was the ultimate test of leadership. The project was successfully completed and was awarded the AIA Distinguished Design Award.  The team continued to meet annually for reunions because of the strong bonds created in working through the project challenges. 

Rotholz led the Development Management Team
Architect: Lohan Associates
Exhibit Designer: Sears & Russel
Contractor: Pepper Construction Company